At iglooenergy we look at every aspect of your building design and scientifically calculate the heat loss. From this point we can accurately select the exact size of your heating system. This heating system is tailored to your request, whether it be wood pellet, heat pump, solar or any combination of renewable technologies.


Heating Calculation

Appropriate sizing of a heating system designed on accurate data of the built structure. All guess work is taken out of the equation.

Provisional Building Energy Rating

From your plans we can provide you with a provisional BER. This is to give you an indication of how your building is going to perform. At this point in your project you may not have decided on a heating system and final levels of insulation.

Final Building Energy Rating

This is the final BER. Only two BERs can be given per building. Once all aspects of the build are complete this final BER is provided. All building elements are known and the heating system decided upon.

iglooenergy Audit

Measured energy performance and heat loss calculation.This is a complete survey of the building and takes all aspects of heating into account, as well as calculating the instantaneous heat loss and heating demand. A provisional BER or Final BER is included in this service. However the iglooenergy report contains more details and uses 2007 fuel prices to accurately estimate heating costs.

Optimised iglooenergy Audit

A complete energy analysis is performed and various improvements and renewable scenarios are calculated. The result is a combined energy strategy optimized to your building to give peak energy performance. As before we include a provisional or final BER. However we advise you on how to increase the BER of your building and offer you a choice of alternative solutions.

From our advice given to date, we have found that the cost of this service is repaid within the first year of the improvements being made.


All audits and ratings are subject to correct information provided.


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